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how to weld ptfe fabrics

  • 1. Attach the exactly cutted PTFE fabric to the correct position and clean the edges carefully
  • 2. Do make sure there is no dust residue. Put the welding film straight between the two edges which shall be connected
  • 3. Eventually use magnets, weights or some drops of water to fix the welding film.
  • 4. Then place the welding iron heated to about 360° C on the middle of the seam and press shortly
  • 5. Lift the heater and press it more left and right until the edges will not slip any more. Move the iron with sufficient pressure from the middle to the left and right until the welding film is completely melted
  • 6. Take care that the fabric does not move or slip. 
  • 7. After welding, use the cooling plate supplied with the welding machine and place it on the welded area to prevent the PTFE fabric from wrinkling.
The welding can be done more quickly and securely with a hot lower buck or on a welding bar which also we can supply on request.
The welding film needs min. 206° Celsius but take care not to use higher temperatures than 400° Celsius because this would destroy the PTFE.
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