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Our services. From the idea to the product  

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Architettura moderna

 product design

ProtonX draw, designs and manufactures customized products  

for various sectors such as: food, cosmetics, industrial, oil & gas,

aerospace, automotive, medical, etc ...


production & sale

With many years of experience, we design,
and we sell accessories for welding and heat-sealing machines for PTFE / Teflon fabrics, thermal blankets, reinforced technical fabrics and control systems for electrical resistances, laboratory test ovens and many other products

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Reverse engineering


Converting drawings from 2D to 3D


Realistic component rendering


Preparations of technical drawings


3D printing



Do you have an idea, a project in mind, do you have a drawing or a simple paper sketch that you would like to transform into a realistic object to see or even a real object to touch?

Introduce us your idea!


cnc machining

Lathes, cutters, multifunctional machining centers allow us with great flexibility to carry out a high number of mechanical operations such as: milling, boring, threading, drilling, etc. etc. thanks to the possibility of having a large number of tools in stock.

taglio laser
verde del fiocco di neve

laser cut

Laser cutting, punching, precision bending, straightening and assembly.

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